Jennifer Rutherford Headshot Black and White

Jennifer Rutherford trained and sang professionally for many years in her native Canada, where she graduated with a Master of Music in 1981 from the University of Alberta.  In addition, she has sung in England, Germany, Austria, Denmark, France, Israel, and Turkey. Her home is now in Bethesda, Maryland, and locally she performs in and around D.C., Maryland and Virginia, often appearing at a club, convention or private banquet.  Besides solo work, she adores acting, most recently performing with Potomac Theater Company, Victorian Lyric Opera Company, and at the International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival in Gettysburg, PA.  She has also appeared at the Kennedy Center Terrace Theater by request.  Jennifer is an experienced voice teacher and loves working with young people. She helped organize and taught singing and drama at an inner city arts program for underserved elementary and junior high children, Anacostia Gracious Arts Program, now in its eleventh year. One of her students made it to the group round of American Idol in 2013, and in 2010 she had a student win a Cappie Award for the Queen of the Night aria in Amadeus Jennifer also loves to paint, especially portraits. Jennifer has been writing and recording since 2007. You can call Jen at  1-859 JR Songs (1-859-577-6647).

Since serving overseas with his fleet as a Navy Band member, Paul Singleton, in his capacity as a seasoned local Washington D.C. pianist, has accompanied numerous renowned singers, including Frank Sinatra, Pavarotti, and Barbra Streisand, among others.  As a sought after pianist at local venues, Paul plays for notable dignitaries, ambassadors, members of Congress, and Pulitzer Prize recipients as a daily routine.